Consumer Experience

So much more than search, our consumer experience
aptly fuses client preferences with your expertise.

The combined power of Command, your KW App, and your branded website add up to a dynamic consumer experience, fueled by real-time data that lets you guide clients toward well-informed decisions. Automate the functionary and put your energy into being the trusted adviser your clients need. Stay at the center of the transaction, where you belong.

The KW App

The new KW App is the first-of-its-kind and was developed to be the quintessential, consumer-facing counterpart to Command. When you launch your personalized app, you’ll collect valuable consumer insights and lay the groundwork for relationships that last a lifetime. And, with countless customization options, you can make it your own, because it is your own.

“A move that could reshape the experience of both Keller Williams’ agents and their clients, and which puts the company at the forefront of a trend in the industry toward tech consolidation and platform building”




Buy, sell, and facilitate the entire transaction – all through your app.

Whether you customize Guide to fit your business or use the built-in template, this tool will help you keep your clients informed and relaxed, ushering them through every step of the homeownership journey.


Flex your local expertise.

A world-class, revolutionary search feature powered by Command, Neighborhoods draws insights from the Keller Cloud, the largest real estate databank in the world. View neighborhood stats, see what the locals say, calculate commute times, get the skinny on nearby schools – give buyers a deeper understanding of their city.


Create. Curate. Collaborate.

Help your clients rank their favorite listings with Collections, a practical way to organize their picks into custom categories. Directly communicate with clients and their co-buyers, keep track of showings, and be the first to know when clients start or stop their search.



Stay top of mind, all of the time.

Make sure your clients remember your name (and value) by keeping in touch throughout every stage of their journey with Feed. A data-rich destination for all things real estate, Feed allows you to post new listings for clients to view, share info your clients can use, add reminders, and celebrate every milestone along the way.

Get Started With Your KW App

Meet the future of real estate search. Meet the collaboration tool the industry has been missing. Meet the secret to lifelong relationships. 

Getting started is easy. Just download the app to your phone, log in to Command to launch and personalize your app, then send your unique link to leads and contacts so they can download your app and find their dream home.

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Smarter, connected and primed for lead generation.

Effortlessly create a website that’s more than a digital business card – it’s your calling card. Primed for lead generation, it delivers new contacts directly to Command and seamlessly integrates with your KW App to let leads search and save listings on your site from anywhere in the US. Share contact information, up-to-the-minute market data, and promote whatever will boost your business.

Meet The All-New KW App

With its real-time insight, step-by-step roadmap, and rich neighborhood details, KW’s new consumer app is primed to revolutionize the real estate experience.

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