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Keep your clients up-to-date on everything real estate-related.

The KW App’s feed was built to supply a constant stream of updates and communication about what your clients care about the most. When a listing price drops, a new house goes on the market, or you share a listing or a collection, all notifications go straight to their feed.


Empower your client throughout their journey.

No client is born with real estate know-how, so fill in the gaps with buyer and seller guides, curated and compiled from years of experience and customized by you. Each guide contains timelines, actionable steps, a slew of how-to’s, and a heads-up here and there so your client is armed with information and confident throughout the buying and selling process.

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After closing, the real journey begins. Lend your expertise and keep in touch.

Your clients buy or sell real estate every 7 to 10 years, on average. From lending your expertise and referrals on renovation projects to providing insights on their home’s value, the KW App keeps you top of mind in all the spaces between, facilitating ongoing discussions and safe-keeping everything that makes their profile personal.