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Riley Keller, Labs Mascot

Providing the power to light your bright idea.

We live by the creed that doing things together leads to better-than-imagined results. Labs, our collaborative design process, puts the power to influence and upgrade your business software in your hands. From the first lightbulb moment to product launch, the next generation of real estate starts with you.

The 5 rounds of the Labs process

By encouraging a constant feedback loop, we’ve created a forum to develop, test, and deploy solutions that address your concerns and make your must-have business tools work for YOU. Real estate moves fast, but we can move faster … With you, anything is possible.

Spiral 0


How individual strengths become stronger, together.


This is the point of launch, intended to discuss, identify, and brainstorm potential solutions to a common problem.

Spiral 1


Change in the making, literally.


The potential solution is visually defined and the initial build-out begins. After gaining team consensus, the Labs team signs off on the new direction.

Spiral 2


From vision to reality: how a product’s potential goes into practice.


Product development begins, feedback is provided, and features that can improve the experience are suggested.

Spiral 3


The foundation is set and special circumstances are considered.


The development team compiles and implements agent feedback, continuing to deliver on the full vision of the product.

Spiral 4

Repeat and Refine

Together, we’re always getting better.


Each time the product passes a round of testing, more agents are invited to join the lab. If it doesn’t make the grade, we start again, using different methods to achieve the vision.

Spiral 5

What you’ve made in Labs

You asked for everything, and we like to overdeliver. Equipped with applications to meet your every business need, Goals, Calendar, Contracts, Marketing, Campaigns, and Referrals make up Command’s all-in-one, agent-friendly dashboard. Soon to be recognized as a real estate dream come true, these bragworthy bells and whistles are now exclusively yours.

Your wish is our Command

The foundation of everything we do starts with you. Your participation in Labs directly influences, shapes, and evolves the technology you’ll use tomorrow, next week, and even for years to come. Have a big idea? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

Participate in Labs
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