Teams Run on Command

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Your Team, Enhanced

Optimize control over your database, your business and your future with Command for Teams, bespoke technology woven into Command’s existing platform that’s designed to give teams – and the talented individuals who lead them – an edge of transparency, collaboration, and foresight.

“When you know the right numbers, hitting the mark
becomes the entire focus of the team.”

Gary Keller

Demand More from Your Database

Your database is your business, so having an outlet to improve it can make all the difference for your agents and their careers. So, assess your contacts, turn them into lifelong connections, make data-driven decisions, and allow your team to convert at the highest level.

The Database Health Score

Your team can grade their contacts based on criteria completeness, such as address and contact information and see how they compare to teammates and other groups at KW.

The Database Activity Score

At a glance, your agents can see who they’ve reached out to in the short term and the long term, revealing exactly who is due for a check-in.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Doing the best thing for your business requires the tools and agility to make the right decisions when they matter most. That’s why tracking your agents’ activities, from client outreach to your collective probable versus potential income, is vital when it comes to the health and wealth of your business.


Run intuitive, user-friendly reports to get a comprehensive view of your business and understand where to invest your time as well as your dollar.


Goals is the north star of Command. Whenever a contact, a deal, or a sale is entered, it automatically reflects in reports, whether on the quick reference dashboard or when exported.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Delivering high-quality service can be a challenge without a central hub to handle it all. Command helps teams of any size overcome this hurdle through applets like Opportunities, Contacts, and SmartPlans. After setting permissions and levels of access specific to each team member’s role, simplify collaboration on deals, documents, marketing, and more.

Lead Routing

Automatically distribute leads to your team. Whether you set up one main route or custom routes for different days or times of the week, rest easy knowing that every lead is handled.


Pool your contacts together and see why the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Team members can see and use all contact information making for maximum opportunity and efficiency.


Keep one eye on every deal and the other on what it’ll take to close them. Add and assign tasks or steps to any part of the transaction, and keep your team on track as they drive up the score.


Whether you’re fueling your lead generation machine or nurturing contacts for the future, set up SmartPlans that optimize the talents of your team with automatic outreach and marketing plans to keep things humming along.

“I see what’s on my agent’s dashboards, but then I can also see how they’re interacting. I can see where they’re winning and where they’re not winning. I can coach specifically to what I’m seeing.”

Brian Gubernick, Team Leader Scottsdale, AZ